Slowly but surely

My personal project 'Textile surgery' has going on at the moment.
1 I have got some holey jumpers from friends
2 think concepts or themes,
3 visual researching
4 find materials for mending from my material boxes at the same time making messing my room.
5 accidentally find something that I thought I lost.
6. completely forget what I have been doing.

Therefore the project takes such a long time to be done.

1 友達からダメージのある服を渡してもらう。
2 テーマを考える
3 リサーチ
4 材料を部屋のどこかから探すと同時に散らかす
5 なくしたと思ったものが見つかる
6 材料を探していたことを忘れる


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