Trying to remember how to use a knitting machine and my age

Oops, I didn't updating for a long time for some reasons. I was in kind of half term.

I visited lovely friend A for using her knitting machine which made me happy and mad (cos it took me bit long time to remember how to use...) and celebrating our birthday with vegan cup cakes from Ms Cupcake but well, we don't ( try not to ) remember how old we are. 

しばらくブログを怠けていた間に、仲良しのAの家にニッティングマシーンを使わせてもらうためにお邪魔していました。ついでに私たちの誕生日もカップケーキと供にお祝いです。ケーキはヴィーガン専門店のMs Cupcake から。

And lovely birthday cads. Thanks for everybody.

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