Delia Derbyshire: Mattachine

Music often gives me inspiration for my creation. Delia Derbyshire's songs sound so timeless and I accidentally found this film. Can you belive it was made in some decade ago? It sounds like Prefuse73's or Cornelius's.

音楽から作品のヒントを得ることがよくあります。偶然見つけたデリア デービシャーが最近お気に入りです。何十年も前の音楽とは思えない新鮮さ、Prefuse73やコーネリアスの音楽を聴いているみたいです。


fanja said...

love, both visuals and sounds.

chita said...

Hi, Fanja. Thanks for a comment. Yes, it's so modern sounds. I don't know who made this visual images but anyway it's lovely!

Koji said...

Prefuse73 :)))
I like him. found his music by chance.