Tokyo retrospective 2011

Came back to home town. No idea where is the hot spot in Tokyo at the moment.
Ebisu? No. Harajyuku? No, no. Daikanyama No, no, no...
The best area is Musashino where I was born and many sweet memories that I have.
Went to my family grave, my family members have been sleeping since 16 century.

And an area is called Kagurazaka where is traditional Japanese atmosphere that I enjoyed.
There is a wonderful florist "Koujien" I was totally enchanted in the middle of flowers and antiques.

A photo on the top is a entrance of a local residence, bottom one was taken at restaurant Kado where I had a lunch. Remind me of Yasujiro Ozu's film in 50's.

日本に帰省していました。外国人の友達に「どこが今かっこいいの?」というような質問を受けます。恵比寿?いや。原宿?いや、代官山? いや。。。



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