Chelsea physic garden 28/09/09

A small and beautiful hidden spot in west London. Chelsea physic garden is located in the behind posh houses.
Me and my friend Adam chatted like birds. We were totally surrounded by millions of the exotic herbs and plants. Found some gardening products which are looks like a traditional basket from oriental country or contemporary art works.

友達のアダムとChelsea Physic garden に行ってきました。エキゾッチッキな薬草が沢山ある小さくて静かな植物園で、私たちはただひたすら話続ける午後。園内で見つけたガーデンニング用の道具、眺めていたら現代美術のオブジェか、オリエンタルのバスケットみたいに見えて来た。

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